Dom Pérignon 2006. The very words are enough to send tingles down the spine of any sparkling wine lover. Legendary Champagne label Dom Pérignon is one of the ultimate status symbols, a favourite of the rich and famous throughout the world. It’s easy to forget, then, that behind the label and the fanfare is a top quality sparkling wine. Let’s throw away the luxury image for a moment and consider Dom Pérignon 2006 as a wine.

So, what goes well with wine? Food! Forget about nightclubs and music videos, and let’s put a bottle of Dom Pérignon on the dinner table and really put it to the test!


Dom Pérignon 2006 in a nutshell

What are we dealing with, then? Image aside, Dom Pérignon is a prestige cuvée vintage Champagne produced by the esteemed house Moët & Chandon. Unsurprisingly, it’s got some very strong critics’ scores, with 96 points from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, and 95 points from Wine Spectator.

Not every year in Champagne yields grapes that are high enough quality to produce a vintage wine, but Dom Pérignon 2006 comes from an especially good year, where hot and dry weather conditions led to particularly ripe grapes.


Tasting Dom Pérignon 2006

  • Visually, it’s got a delicate gold colour and a fine mousse of brilliant bubbles.
  • On the nose, there is expressive fruit and floral character at first, though Champagne yeast flavours and toasted bread come through underneath.
  • In the mouth, Dom Pérignon 2006 is simply beautiful: A silky initial mouthfeel with rounded fruit flavour gives way to explosive acidity and long, lingering finish.


3 food matches for Dom Pérignon 2006

Champagne is often thought of merely as an aperitif wine, but quality bubbles are excellent with a wide range of different foods. Dom Pérignon 2006 is about as quality as bubbly gets, so it’s a great food wine. You could pair this wine with any amount of foods, but such a special (and, let’s face it, expensive) wine deserves something a little special!


1. Dom Pérignon 2006 and foie gras

It doesn’t get much more decadent than foie gras, the occasionally controversial French delicacy. Incredibly rich and fatty foie gras is traditionally paired with sweet Sauternes. For something a little different, though highly memorable, swap out the sweet wine for the bone-dry acidity of Dom Pérignon 2006. The biting freshness of the Champagne will cut through the dish and provide a beautiful balance and harmony in the mouth.


2. Dom Pérignon 2006 and caviar

Another delicacy worthy of a truly special Champagne, caviar is deliciously rich, salty and fishy. The salty character in particular provides an interesting counterpoint to the wine. Salt in food emphasises body in wine, bringing a new lease of life to the already round and generous mouthfeel of the Dom Pérignon. A real treat!


3. Dom Pérignon 2006 and truffles

Truffles or any quality mushroom-based dish is a match made in heaven for Dom Pérignon 2006. The umami flavour found in mushrooms emphasises acidity in wine, making for a seriously tangy and refreshing food and wine pairing!


Getting thirsty? Buy a bottle of Dom Pérignon 2006 here and try these food and wine pairings for yourself!


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