Have you ever considered buying a wine saver? The wine saver market is surprisingly complicated, and you can get anything from a cheap little stopper to a complex piece of cutting-edge technology like the Coravin that’ll set you back at least a few hundred euro. Whatever the style and no matter how advanced the technology, the basic idea is the same: A wine saver will protect your wine from going bad once opened.


Why buy a wine saver?

For many of us, the idea of a wine saver may not seem necessary. If you’re in the habit of finishing off each bottle you open in one sitting, then there’s no need, right? We don’t necessarily suggest that you neck a whole bottle to yourself every night, but when shared amongst friends or loved ones over a good meal, a bottle of wine doesn’t always last very long. Perhaps you only buy half bottles of wine, or quarter bottles. Or perhaps you don’t drink wine at home.

These are all good reasons not to buy a wine saver, but surely there are some good reasons to buy one too, right? Right!


3 reasons you should buy a wine saver

It’ll all depend on your budget, of course: A wine saver can be cheap and inexpensive or it can be costly. Professional or trade style wine saver equipment can come with a large up-front cost, and may require additional purchases such as cartridges for the Coravin system. By comparison, you can pick up a cheap and cheerful wine saver in most supermarkets or wine stores. These solutions obviously aren’t as sophisticated as the high-tech systems, but they can be useful.

In any event, we’ve got three good reasons that any wine lover should invest in some sort of wine saver!

  1. A wine saver can help you drink better wine. Particularly with the advent of Coravin, you can “open” or drink from a bottle of fine wine without the need to drink it all at once. If you’ve ever found yourself with a particularly fancy bottle of wine – we’re thinking along the lines of Château Ducru-Beaucaillou 2005 or Vega Sicilia Único 1987 – you may have encountered an unusual problem. Wine is made for drinking, but some wines are just too fancy to drink guilt-free. You can either spend your whole life waiting for the right birthday, wedding anniversary or graduation, or you can invest in a wine saver. With a Coravin, you can dip in and out of such wines, taking a glass here or there and enjoying it in stages without the risk of it going bad.
  2. Keep your wine better for longer. This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s as good a reason as any to buy a wine saver. Even a basic supermarket model will help you keep your wine fresher for longer. Suck the air out of a bottle of white or red, seal it and stick it in the fridge and you will certainly get a few days out of this wine, if not longer. This is great if you’re the only one drinking wine, but you don’t want to drink the whole thing in one go or throw it down the sink.
  3. You’re a wine professional. Maybe you’re a winemaker, or maybe you’ve got a wine bar. Investing in a wine saver, particularly something higher-end like the Coravin or Enomatic, will surely reap benefits. These wine savers allow you to offer wine by the glass, or to open rare bottles without risk of the wine going bad. Owning a wine saver is very useful for anyone that regularly participates in professional wine tasting, particularly if you are moving opened wine from one venue to another.


Do you own a wine saver? What are your top tips for keeping wine fresher for longer?


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