Have you tried Carlos 1 Brandy? Brandy is distilled wine and is produced throughout the world, though is at its best in the fine spirits Cognac and Armagnac, named after their regions of production in the south-west of France. Spanish Brandy is no slouch, though, and Carlos 1 Brandy is as good an example as any.


Carlos 1 Brandy: What do you need to know?

Brandy from Spain usually comes from one of two regions: Jerez and Penedès. Carlos 1 hails from Jerez and is an XO style brandy.

  • Did you know?

    The term XO Brandy, short for “extra old”, refers to a Brandy where the youngest spirit in the blend has been stored for at least six years in cask.

Produced by Pedro Domecq, this is a 38% alcohol grape Brandy that has been aged in a solera system, best known as the maturation system used for Sherry wines.


What does Carlos 1 Brandy taste like?

To look at, it’s got a beautiful colour, dark amber with hints of brilliant gold. Stick your nose in and take a sniff, and you’ll be treated with pleasant vanilla and wood. Take a sip, and the first thing you’ll note is just how smooth it is. Forget any preconceived notions you may have about Brandy here, there’s nothing rough here. The palate is smooth, subtly fruity, and the finish is pleasant and persistent.


How to serve Carlos 1 Brandy

Carlos 1 Brandy is a versatile drink, and you have a few options when it comes to how to serve and enjoy it. Let’s look at our top three ways to serve this Spanish delight!


1. Serving Carlos 1 Brandy neat

Serving Brandy neat is just about as classic as it gets. A high-quality bottle like Carlos 1 truly doesn’t need any accompaniment: The Brandy can and will speak for itself. While some cheaper brown spirits can be rough or unpleasant when served neat, Carlos 1 Brandy is nicely in balance. The alcohol is strong, though never overpowering. 

Pour yourself a measure into a Brandy snifter (or wine tasting glass if you’re stuck), sit back by the fire and enjoy the aromas and flavours. It’s not really advisable to serve your Brandy on the rocks, unless you find the alcohol (or flavours) too strong. Adding ice will effectively water down your drink and dull its character, so do so with caution!


2. Carlos 1 Brandy Sidecar

The Sidecar is a classic cocktail. Traditionally made with Cognac, it’s perfectly acceptable to use a Spanish Brandy instead, and Carlos 1 is our favourite. The ingredients are simple, it’s easy to put together, and it’s delicious!


  • 5cl Carlos 1 Brandy
  • 2cl orange liqueur
  • 2cl lemon juice


  • Mix all three ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, and add crushed ice.
  • Give it a good, strong shake and strain your mixture into a cocktail glass.
  • Serve as is, without adding ice – enjoy!


3. Carlos 1 Brandy Stinger

The Stinger is another cocktail bar staple, and again we recommend using Carlos 1 in place of Cognac. This one is perhaps even simpler than the Sidecar, though no less potent – or delicious!


  • 5cl Carlos 1 Brandy
  • 2cl crème de menthe


  • Mix the Brandy and crème de menthe together with ice.
  • Strain into a cocktail glass and serve.
  • Optional: Serve on the rocks by adding ice!


Where to buy Carlos 1 Brandy

Crash course complete, you might be thirsty right about now. Reading is all well and good, but when it comes to wines and spirits, it’s all about learning by tasting!carlo

Buy Carlos 1 Brandy here and put our cocktail recipes and tips to the test!


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Chris · 14/05/2022 at 03:04

We have a bottle of Carlos I we brought from Hong Cong in 1997. It has yet to be decanted. We have been thinking of testing it when I reach 100 in 18 years. Will it have improved more then than it already has or should we enjoy it now, save the bottle and reminisce for 18 years? We had the bottle out today and enjoyed viewing the deep red amber of the brandy. It’s not For Sale.

Thank You in advance.

Chris and Dena, Phoenix (Laveen) Arizona

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